Mind and Body Alignment

March 24, 2020
8:00 pm
Mind and Body Alignment
Gedik Art
Mind and Body Alignment
Gedik Sanat

Alpha energy is the purest form of universal energy. In many cultures it is called by different names; force, kundalini, reiki, chi, eros or simply put: the state of well-being of the body, and full consciousness of the mind. Reaching alpha level is usually possible with regular practices of mindfulness and meditation, and through special sounds or frequencies called binaural beats. When in Alpha energy, organs start to resonate with their natural frequencies and have more chance to naturally cure diseases attached to them, dreams are manifested in the subconscious as well as in reality, and changes occur rapidly and instantly in one’s life due to the law of attraction.

This session is suitable for corporate clients as gently moving won’t feel uncomfortable yet will help a great deal in experiencing body alignment, forming a suitable base for diving into mindfulness and into meditation accompanied by sound. Moreover, the sound session brings deep relaxation and energy detox after a hectic day at work. Overall, it is a blended concept destined to a general understanding of mind and body alignment and is also suitable for absolute beginners.

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