“Women Have Voice” Talks | Hatice Dinçbal Kal

November 18, 2020
9:00 pm
"Women Have Voice" Talks | Hatice Dinçbal Kal
Gedik Art Instagram Page
“Women Have Voice” Talks | Hatice Dinçbal Kal
Gedik Sanat

Kal, graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Communication, completed her postgraduate studies on Advertising Agencies and Advertising at Istanbul University. Our guest, who continues her business life as a Board Member of Directors under the roof of Baltaş, still proceeds her duty as the Chairman of the TOBB Istanbul Women Entrepreneurs Board which hse took over in 2009. Today, you can listen our conversation about women’s entrepreneurship and the promise of economy with Hatice Dinçbal Kal, who has investments on communication technologies in America and the USA , at 09:00 pm on the Gedik Sanat Instagram account.

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