“Women Have Voice” Talks | Gonca Özmen

November 11, 2020
9:00 pm
"Women Have Voice" Talks | Gonca Özmen
Gedik Art Instagram Page
“Women Have Voice” Talks | Gonca Özmen
Gedik Sanat

“… Oh world, you got smaller and smaller within us
Bole of word constantly accumulates
at the bottom of the lake.
Everything loses the voice consistently. ”

We will listen “Silent Perhaps” poem of Gonca Özmen, whose words flow artfully and freely, by Mesruh Savaş’s composition and Sirene’s beautiful voice.

In 1982, Gonca Özmen was born in Burdur. The poet who completed his undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies in the Department of English Language and Literature at Istanbul University; received the poetry awards of “75. Yunus Nadi”, “Ali Rıza Ertan” and “Orhon Murat Arıburnu”. The poetry books “In My Nook”, “Silent Perhaps” and “Knowingly Willingly” were written by her. Her selection poems were published as “The Sea Within” in England with the translation of George Messo and in Germany with the name of Vielleicht Lautlos (Perhaps Silent) with the translation of Monika Carbe.

This evening, our conversation with Gonca Özmen about her poem “Silent Perhaps” will be moderated by Begüm Özay on the Gedik Sanat Instagram Page at 09:00 pm.

On November 29, the first performance will be on Gedik Sanat Social Media Accounts at 06:00 pm.?


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