“Women Have Voice” Talks | Esra Bezircioğlu

November 22, 2020
9:00 pm
"Women Have Voice" Talks | Esra Bezircioğlu
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“Women Have Voice” Talks | Esra Bezircioğlu
Gedik Sanat

Esra Bezircioğlu, who graduated from Istanbul University Geophysical Engineering; worked at Canon – Hesmak and Fujitsu. After taking senior management positions at Konica Minolta – Transteknik Holding; Esra Bezircioğlu stepped into entrepreneurship and signed the establishment of Tek Bilişim and Edalp Bilişim. As of 2019, she has been continuing her 23rd year of work experience in oustanding office machines, documentation management, technology consulting, sales and company management.

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