“The Metamorphosis” Talks, Sevengül Sönmez

September 9, 2020
9:00 pm
"The Metamorphosis" Talks, Sevengül Sönmez
Gedik Art Instagram Page
“The Metamorphosis” Talks, Sevengül Sönmez
Gedik Sanat

“Two possibilities: to make oneself infinitely small, or to be so. The first is perfection, implying inactivity, the second beginning, implying action.” “The Metamorphosis” talks with Sevengül Sönmez will be held live this evening, moderated by Begüm Özay. To understand the conditions and mood that made Kafka dream of Gregor Samsa, you can follow Gedik Sanat Official Instagram Account at 21:00 tonight.
Sevengül Sönmez photo by: Büşra Burcu Arslan

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