Robotic Raks Talks | Mehmet Can Özer

February 15, 2021
9:00 pm
Robotic Raks Talks | Mehmet Can Özer
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Robotic Raks Talks | Mehmet Can Özer
Gedik Sanat

After his education at Bilkent University and his academic studies in Geneva and Zurich Conservatories Mehmet Can Özer, the significant artist of electroacoustic music in our country, produces his works with a new musical writing style that he called Ashure. The Robotic Raks project, built a bridge between the 12th century and the present by the artist, inspired by the 12th century middle-orient scholar Al Cezeri and created by order of Gedik Sanat, consists of three parts. Let’s meet today at 09.00 pm in order to get to know the music world of Mehmet Can Özer and the details of the work sheds light on the flow of life based on the mechanical sounds of the robots designed by Al Cezeri.

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