Quarantine Circumstances | The Seagull

March 27, 2021
9:00 pm
Quarantine Circumstances | The Seagull
Gedik Art YouTube Channel
Quarantine Circumstances | The Seagull
Gedik Sanat

On the World Theater Day, Gedik Sanat presents the “Quarantine Circumstances” project based on the pandemic process.

The first part of the project created for the digital platform, is a short section from Anton Chekhov’s work “Seagull”, one of the most important works of the theater literature. The structure of “Seagull” known as the first piece of his four great works, is resembling Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. The author, structured modern theater with Henrik Ibsen and August Strindberg, has achieved the most brilliant success of his works with the regies prepared by Stanislavski for the Moscow Theater. ​

Tonight at 09:00 pm on YouTube, Nilay Erdönmez will perform with the music of Uğur Çerkezoğlu at the premiere of the project.

? Happy World Theater Day. Long Live Theater!

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