Quarantine Circumstances | Peer Gynt

March 30, 2021
9:00 pm
Quarantine Circumstances | Peer Gynt
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Quarantine Circumstances | Peer Gynt
Gedik Sanat

A short section of Peer Gynt, one of the well-known works of Henrik Ibsen, will be broadcasted on the fourth screening day of “Quarantine Circumstances”.

Emphasizing the importance of rebellion and individualization against the values of society, Ibsen suggests inner questioning for our lives to make our spirits free. The famous Composer Edvard Grieg’s work titled Peer Gynt, written by the request of the author, is still being performed in concert halls.

In the Quarantine Circumstances project, Beste Koçak and Dilan Demir’s performance reveals today’s Peer Gynt spirit along with Yunus Gencer’s music.

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