Creative Writing

March 12, 2020
7:30 pm
Creative Writing Workshop
Gedik Art
Creative Writing
Gedik Sanat

Gedik Sanat shares its sensitivity in discovering the expressions of the individual in the society and realizing their production accordingly through Creative Writing Workshops. Gedik Art continues the third of the workshops on this subject on March 12, under the management of the theater director and translator Mehmet Ergen. While this workshop is a continuation for those who attended before, it will also be a new adventure for those who will attend the first time. This short workshop, which is prepared for those who want to write a theater play or evaluate them, is an opportunity for those interested in literature and theater. The workshop provides an opportunity to analyze better a wide range of theater plays, even films, from Ancient Greek to the Renaissance, from the founders of modern theater to Ibsen and Chekhov to contemporary writers..

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