A Day Not to Die “Second New Songs” Concert

February 18, 2020
8:30 pm
A Day Not to Die: Second New Songs Concert (World Premiere)
Zorlu PSM Turkcell Platinium Stage
A Day Not to Die “Second New Songs” Concert
Gedik Sanat

“Second New Songs”, composed by Murat Cem Orhan by the special order of Gedik Sanat will be performed on February 18, at Zorlu PSM Platinum Stage. Murat Cem Orhan’s piano will be accompanied by Brothers Trio in the concert where Mert Fırat and Evrim Özkaynak take place as soloists. The first performance of the Literature Trilogy will stage a World Premiere. While Sevengül Sönmez assembled the works by the most important representatives of the second new poetry Cemal Süreyya, Turgut Uyar, Edip Cansever and Tomris Uyar, Yeşim Sevil Dizdaroğlu created the illustrations that will provide us a visual expression throughout the performance.

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