Gedik Art chose fire’s creative and unifying power as its beacon of light and guide. As such, based on and influenced by fire’s relationship with art in mythology, it will be developing work methods morphing into artistic ideas and comprehending the foundation, development and future of civilizations. Its main objective is to contribute to the carrying out of artistic productions and dreams, the enrichment of these creations with literary and philosophical dimensions, and the realisation of the ideal of creating a conscious and analytically-thinking generation.

Established under the Gedik Foundation for Education and Social Aid for contributing to society in the areas of culture and arts, Gedik Art will be implementing corporate social responsibility projects, as well as educational projects in collaboration with Istanbul Gedik University and industrial projects with the Gedik Group of Companies, thus constantly improving its unifying activities with multiple dimensions.

Sharing narrative music with its audience through the Gedik Philharmonic Orchestra and the Gedik Art Chamber Concerts, Gedik Art will also be designing fine arts projects in the future and will hence be pursuing the path of fire in the area of plastic arts as well.

Backed with our Founder Halil Kaya Gedik’s ideals and thoughts on the Turkish Republic and its modern society, our purpose is to support young artists trained in Turkey in the production and performance of their works, and consequently, to create a suitable environment for the archiving of high quality audio and visual material.

We aspire to becoming a structure that will conceive different art disciplines together, follow the evolution of modern art in ever-evolving times, and integrate the global art scene with future international projects, eventually becoming an influencing force in our domain.

Gedik Art, “Unites. For Art…

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