We are the heirs of millenia-old sonic and vocal traditions born out of each other, developed and enriched by each other, preserving themselves despite diffractions encountered, finding their strength in nature and having inspired their surroundings.
This unique legacy is the single most precious treasure we possess on these lands and must always be referred to along its ancient history. Aiming at protecting these gems as well as our tradition and culture’s past, present and future, the Gedik Philharmonic Orchestra is getting ready to take on its role as a new player on the arts and culture scene. The idea behind the creation of a new orchestra was born out of the objective of adding an innovative perspective to the music industry. Indeed, in an era of technology, our musical life has never been so diverse, but as much as it is varied among a crowded array of possibilities, it is also extremely vulnerable. It is with this awareness that we consider music an unparalleled evolution of the human heart and mind, rather than a tool for entertainment. We wish to encourage the fostering of a modern music-oriented perspective, to present our audience with the experience of a distinct sound, and to commission brand new works with the purpose of generating and nurturing free and brave new music ideas. This will only be made possible through a meticulous, archaeological-like dig in the universal history of music, including works from the Early Turkish Republican Era which have not -could not- even been/be performed so far. In this context, the Gedik Philharmonic Orchestra promises a rare and high energy with its target of excellence in music-making, its unity of style, period and content in terms of repertoire, and its dynamic casting. With our audience, we will be confidently walking on this path of becoming an inspirational world brand, leading change, progress and excellence in music, and evolving into an ensemble that will set the example among its peers.

Gedik Philharmonic Orchestra Founding Conductor

Cemi’i Can Deliorman

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