When questioning life, most of the time we strive to attribute a meaning to it. We tend to forget the truth that it is rather life itself that questions man, and that the sense we are so desperately chasing after comes in different shapes and forms based on everyone’s expectations and value judgments… When scrutinized with a wholistic and depth-seeking approach, we notice that life advances in a constant cycle of creation and change as part of a whole of extraordinary beauty and balance. That is why one has to contribute constantly to this system of re-creation they observe, shaping the future, conceiving continually, doing, and living the present. This is the manifestation of the gratitude one must show life in exchange for what life gifts to them; it is an answer one must be able to give to what life presents them with. It is a meaningful way of associating existence with creating, doing, and not possessing… It is a play of life, an art of living where man, pursuing hapiness, has to act to maintain inner peace, desiring to get acclaimed by a crowded audience at the end of each act. It is acknowledging that if there is no applause, there will be no more curtain time. It is with these values in mind, this philosophy of running for life that we started off in 1963. With our role in this half-a-century play, performing in excellence the art of life with others and adding value to life have become the most important and irrefutable fundamental criteria of our mission. Our teammates always think globally and act upon their opinions; thus, we consider them artists and castmates in the play of life, and we are greatly honoured of our union and collaboration with them. We are overjoyed to see the impacts our works in education and the industry have had on life so far. I am delighted to express that we will always preserve our joy and enthusiasm in shaping the future, and that we will continue to serve higher purposes by raising the bar with our strategic thinking and activities. With the vision of serving society’s well-being and peace, I present my sincerest regards and best wishes.


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