As Gedik Art, we are eager to unite “fire”s creative and fusing power with “art” in alignment with the Gedik Foundation for Education and Social Aid’s vision and mission. Our aim is to create a universal artistic language in light of Anatolian cultures which constitute a magma of civilizations, and thus to share our activities with society. In brief, we draw our force of moving in synchrony with art from mythology and historical truths.

Hephaestus, the god of fire in mythology, was our inspiration for communicating through art and became our main icon. The mariage of Hephaestos, the god of fire, to Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty represents the indisputable union of love and fire, with Hephaestos having been associated with art due to his creative power and fertileness.

From another perspective, Gedik Art’s actions and determination have been associated with Prometheus. For eras, the latter has been considered the being which spread science, art and civilization to societies and instilled in the human soul the force necessary for man’s progress and thinking. Therefore, we chose Prometheus as the expression of our creative power and of our leadership-oriented approach to the industry. Hence, with these characteristics, Prometheus represents the catalyst behind our prospect of “art” envisioned in cooperation with our University.

We decided to transform the inspiration we drew from these two icons into a thought of art nurtured by our responsibilities towards the land we live on and its historical facts. We elaborated our prospects with an approach that is loyal to the Turkish Republic’s values and that supports society’s progress, history, national identity and universal aspect. Our aim is to constitute a source for productions in Turkey and to promote these to the world through art, in alliance with Gedik’s mission and vision.

The messages of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Founding Father of the Turkish Republic and Eternal Leader of Turks, and of Gedik Group of Companies in its 50th Year have been our beacons of light:

“Life is music. I cannot think of someone who does not like music… A life without music is inconceivable… Because music is life’s joy, soul; in brief, it is life’s everything. However, the music that is imposed on us these days is far from being exalting, we must agree on that… For me, the waking of oppressed nations is like the dawning of the day in the horizon. Those who will regain their independence and freedom will live in harmony and solidarity with each other, freed from discrepancies… And this will be made possible through universal music and art… For a nation’s recent change is measured with its adaptation and understanding to and of the change in music…”

“A nation that does not paint, sculpt or apply the laws of positive sciences has most certainly no place in the path to progress.”

“Success in fine arts means achievement in all reforms. Nations who do not succeed in fine arts will, unfortunately, lose forever their status of advanced humanity in civilization.”

Gedik Group of Companies’ 50th Year Message

We will continue to work with determination, ambition and creativity to convey Gedik Group of Companies’ Founder Halil Kaya Gedik’s values to the next generations, to maintain his contributions to Turkish industry and education, to invest in Turkish people, and to represent our country abroad in the best way.”

“Unites. For Art…”


Opera Singer, Baritone


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